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Discover the biological sample
collection kits from DNA Genotek

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Which product do you need?

Extract DNA and RNA using saliva with: OG-500/600, OG-510/610, OG-575/675, ORE-100 and ON-500/600; or adapt the extraction of samples to a paediatric setting with OC-175.

Extract both human and microbian DNA and RNA samples using OMR-610, OMR-110, OMR-120, OMR-130, OMR-140 or OM-200.

Take microbian DNA samples on the field with OM-501 and OM-200.

Obtain and stabilize a DNA profile of the intestinal microbiota with OM-200, or analyse for metabolites with ME-200.

Optimize your sample's DNA extraction process with PT-L2P.

Extract animal DNA samples in a simple and non-invasive way with PG-100 and PB-200.


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